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The Excursionist

The Rick Jensen Trio - The Excursionist

pmc046 - 2004

Recorded live at the Newtown Community Centre in Wellington NZ on the 7th of August 2004. With Rick playing alto sax and clarinet, Sam Stephens playing bass, and Dean playing drums (Dean also does 7 inch releases as Lil' Skull).

Voodoo Savage and The Insatiable Opium Cowboys

Voodoo Savage and The Insatiable Opium Cowboys

The Insatiable Opium Cowboys were a group of friends who played music together in 2003 and 2004. Voodoo Savage fronted them for an afternoon acoustic session. The common ground the Cowboys had in their thoughts about rock music, and the contrasts in their individual styles made for good times for the Cowboys and their audiences.

Another Year Older And Deeper In

Release of "Another Year Older And Deeper In" by Unknown Rockstar

Unknown Rockstar has released Another Year Older And Deeper In. Deeper in what exactly? Deeper enmeshed, deeper commitment to the consequence of decisions, deeper related to the world? A rediscovery of the clean guitar, unadorned except for the most basic of loop pedal usage.
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