Postmoderncore netlabel


Jeff Henderson - A

pmc045 - 2004

Recorded live at the Newtown Community Centre in Wellington NZ on the 7th of August 2004. Recorded the same evening as the Rick Jensen Trio release the excursionist.



Tangent focuses around self expression and experimentation ... what lies within form, and without ... Having retired the Tangent Precipitate project, Tangent is once again releasing experimental electronic music.

Unknown Rockstar on music without action

I realize what it is I love about making music from feedback and the simmer of static and mains hum and overloaded loop pedals. It's the lack of control. There is no playing here. No master plan, no harmonic progression, no virtuosity. This music is an invocation, a ritual, an incantation. You set up strings and pedals and amps, and with the barest of activities offer your faith in sympathetic vibration, in your own judgement, in luck, in inevitability. - Unknown Rockstar.

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